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Pressing System : YES
Working System : Automatic/Manuel
Material Density : Monodensity or Dual Density
Machine Dimensions : 11400 x 4000 x 2200 mm
Net weight : 6500 kg

​240 pairs/hour  ( 24 station )


  • A blowing apparatus blows into the mold according to the need.
  • A double micro switch that shows the finish of the injection.
  • In order the material to re-inject a counter hydraulic reaction device is available.
  • A photocell trouble finding device proper to laws.
  • Injecting adjustment device for adjusting injector from 33mm to 60mm.
  • The abovementioned informations are just for help and can be altered by the producer.


A very convenient, practical and functional 18 - 24 - 32 - 36 working stations Shoe Soles Machine for producing compact, extensive, strong, pliable or unpliable, quality shoe soles in single colour from Polyurethane.

The machine has Pneumatic and Hydraulic , Full Automatic System.

The main characteristic of the machine is possessing the PLC control. In the machine are used Siemens products. The operator panel of the PLC appliance is touchscreen what makes the usage of the machine quite comfortable.

Up to 36 Stations Single Color Shoe Soles  Machine

For each machine's administration, has been placed either hydraulic central or electrical central and the maintenance is done by the easily accessible centrals. Due to the technical characteristics the usage of other machines' molds is possible.