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Today, the use of double screw sleeve L / D is preferred because of the size and mixer feature. Our company specializes in different sizes and features a staff engineer is to make a positive contribution to the twin screw design is able to manufacture plastic markets sağlamaktadır.les double auger screw sleeve in different sizes and lengths according to customer demand for machines.

Twin Screw Barrels

Nowadays the twin screw barrels at L/D size due to its mixering property is very much preferred. Our company with the expert engineering team by manufacturing double screws at different dimensions and with various properties is providing highly positive contributions to the plastic industry. Lesmak Makina can manufacture twin screw barrels at different sizes and dimensions according to our clients' demands.


What is the screw-auger in the injection molding machine?
The plastic melted and molded to press the screws or screw injection molding machines are from the most important parts of the system.
Features to be included in a screw system

Good plasticizing (melting) performance,
Efficient (short time) material transfer,
Effective melting and mixing (able to provide the homogeneity of temperature and additives)
Good self-cleaning ability.
The biggest advantage of an injection set screw

To melt the raw material, which makes handling, melting and homogenizing,
Ensure the implementation of the injection and holding pressure process in the most economical way.