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Manufacture of high performance screw and barrel for plastic processing machinery overhaul works Ø30 - Ø500 mm Length 2200 mm Honing Works, Ø30 - 200 mm Height 3000 mm Deep Hole Drilling Works


Screw the sleeve and Extrusion Systems

Plastic Injection Molding Machine Injection Molding Machine Floor thermoplastic and PVC granule extruder Film, Profile, Plate, Pipe Pimapen Revision Purpose of Generating Manufacturing and Machine Screw-Sleeve appropriate screws and barrels. Twin Screw Extruder, Hard Surfacing Coated Screws. Efficient Production, High-Capacity, High Abrasion Resistance Material selection as if dropping our company, our products are guaranteed for 2 years. Our engineers and technicians specialized in manufacturing, sales and after we serve with.


Engaged in manufacturing screw barrel for the plastics industry, our company undertakes projects have won even if the competitors in every time zone. Our 30 years' experience, is a sign that we are the right place for the production of the shaft sleeve.

Manufacturing all kinds of screw shaft sleeve passing us your request, you may receive project support and price. Our understanding of perfect service and affordable price to our industry leading organization.


What is the screw-auger in the injection molding machine?
The plastic melted and molded to press the screws or screw injection molding machines are from the most important parts of the system.
Features to be included in a screw system

Good plasticizing (melting) performance,
Efficient (short time) material transfer,
Effective melting and mixing (able to provide the homogeneity of temperature and additives)
Good self-cleaning ability.
The biggest advantage of an injection set screw

To melt the raw material, which makes handling, melting and homogenizing,
Ensure the implementation of the injection and holding pressure process in the most economical way.